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Medicine-based treatment for opioid addiction

ARC Clinic Little Rock offers medicine-based treatment for opioid addiction. We use Suboxone, Subutex, and other buprenorphine products along with counseling.

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How we can help you

Medication-Assisted Treatment (M.A.T.)

Medication-assisted treatment seamlessly combines counseling and medication. It is easier to follow a program when you have someone to talk to about your medication.


Suboxone treatment is delivered with a combination of two drugs, naloxone and buprenorphine. These two work chemically together to reduce the intensity of withdrawal complications and decrease dependence on opioids in the long run.

Drug screenings

We can assist with drug screenings to learn more about your situation. Our drug screenings are completely confidential and non-judgmental.

One-On-One Counseling

One-on-one counseling helps those with addiction and loved ones find support. We provide a compassionate setting that gives patients space to talk it out. The counselors are here to listen and be your guide.


Your personal information is safe with us. We are HIPPA-compliant with all of our patient data.

Treatment options

Developed for your individual needs.

Benefits you’ll enjoy

  • It is possible to complete addiction recovery care

  • Things only go uphill from here

  • We understand opioid addiction disorders and their complexity

  • We provide care and knowledge with compassion and understanding

  • Let the time you spend on this site be the FIRST STEP

  • There is so much hope!

We Help You Understand Addiction

Opioid addiction is dangerous and complex. At ARC Clinic, we understand the intricacies and shame patients encounter when seeking help to get their life back. Our goal is to simplify the beginning stages of treatment to accelerate the recovery process. At the end of the day, we want each patient to experience freedom from shame to thrive again in their everyday life without addiction.